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HCL A3222 H34 Laptop Battery

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Buy HCL Laptop Battery In India On xParts.IN

HCL is another company that has made a name for itself in the electronics industry. HCL laptops are known for their affordable pricing and reliable performance. HCL laptops cater to different users’ needs, including students, professionals, and home users. 

Like any laptop, the battery life of HCL laptops will decline over time. The battery life will depend on the model, power consumption, programs and operating software usage, and power management settings. High or low operating temperatures and abnormal operations may result in a rapid decrease in the battery’s life cycle within a short time. 

Batteries are consumables and will naturally decline over time and lose capacity due to continuous chemical reactions. After using a battery for some time, it may swell under some conditions. This will not create safety issues, but swollen batteries should be replaced and discarded properly. When replacing swollen batteries, do not discard the old swollen battery into common domestic waste. 

If you are facing the same issues with your HCL laptop battery, then you can get a new laptop battery for your laptop from XParts.

When Should You Replace HCL Laptop Battery?

If your HCL laptop requires frequent charging and takes longer than expected to get to 100% capacity, it is time for battery replacement. Also, if your device reaches the power-off stage soon after removing the power adapter, that is another indicator that you should change the battery. With time, every rechargeable battery gets worn out. You’ll notice this when the run time decreases, usually after 18 to 20 months. The battery life also depends on how vigorously you use your laptop.

Which HCL Laptop Battery Online Should I Buy?

Take a closer look at the laptop specifications before deciding to buy a laptop battery online. Here are three pointers that you must consider:

  • Laptop model: When you buy laptop batteries online, choose compatible batteries designed for your laptop model.
  • Battery Voltage: Carefully check the battery voltage to match your current battery voltage 10.8 V (11.1 V) or 14.4 V (14.8 V).
  • Connector type: The connector on the battery interface, linking your laptop to the battery, should be the same as specified.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy HCL Laptop Battery In India?

The cost of the laptop Battery in India can vary on certain points like:

  • HCL Laptop Models
  • Voltage
  • Warranty Details

So if you want to shop the laptop battery online then you can directly visit xParts. in. On this platform, you will get the best laptop battery with great discount offers.  In xParts. the price range of the laptop battery starts from Rs. 1999 – Rs. 4700 depending on the size and the brand of the battery.

Where Can I Buy HCL Laptop Battery In India?

You can buy a laptop Battery for any laptop brand On You can shop laptop batteries as well as other laptop spare parts online and get your laptop Battery shipped anywhere In India. We are leading HCL Laptop battery dealers in India. We Provide a one-stop-shop that sells 100% genuine batteries of all major Laptop battery brands in India. is an online marketplace where you can get a variety of laptop components and accessories at a low cost. Xparts.IN is the one-stop shop for all your Laptop spare parts needs. Xparts deals with all types of Laptop spare parts and Laptop accessories such as Laptop Screen, Laptop Adapters, Laptop Hard Drive, Laptop Batteries, Laptop Speakers, Laptop Keyboards, Laptop Hinges, Laptop Base Covers, and more.

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How To Choose The Correct HCL Battery?

Before making a purchase, remember to check the battery part number. You’ll find this number on the nameplate on the underside of the battery when you remove it. For HCL laptop batteries, this code is in the form of letters and numbers. Also, determine what voltage and number of cells your old battery has. Contact customer support on our website to make your search easier.

If you have any doubts – contact us and we will advise you on the right compatible battery for your laptop. If the product you choose doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll get a 12-month replacement warranty and 15 days to return the product.