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Laptop Speaker

New MacBook Pro 13″ A1502 Left + Right Speaker Set

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20 × 10 × 5 cm


0.5 Kg

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MacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1502 MacBookPro11,1 Late 2013: ME864LL/A (2.4 Core i5) MacBookPro11,1 Late 2013: ME866LL/A (2.6 Core i5) MacBookPro11,1 Late 2013: ME866LL/A (2.8 Core i7) MacBookPro11,1 Mid 2014: MGX72LL/A (2.6 GHz Core i5) MacBookPro11,1 Mid 2014: MGX82LL/A (2.6 GHz Core i5) MacBookPro11,1 Mid 2014: MGX92LL/A (2.8 GHz Core i5) MacBookPro11,1 Mid 2014: MGX92LL/A (3.0 GHz Core i7) MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF839LL/A (2.7 GHz Core i5) MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF841LL/A (2.9 GHz Core i5) MacBookPro12,1 Early 2015: MF843LL/A (3.1 GHz Core i7)

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